Love reciprocity

Love reciprocity

Reciprocity of love
You’re above race, color, class

I love you, I love you more than I love love

O come on fulfill my unfulfilled love

I must love you
Or else I must depart
Like a comet passing through a galaxy of glass
Like a meteorite colliding in the empty sky becoming celestial dust

O my love reciprocity please do come to calm my hearts

I’m very lonely
I’m very cloudy and cursed
O do help me guiding through the stars

The sitar plays a tune so sad and forlorn turning the hearts of Heaven
into stone

Love reciprocity recedes reboots the frozen screen of computer-running-
While the ipad talk, and the iPhone phone, and the Mac Pro makes music
below the monetized mechanical mold

Love reciprocity I cannot see who is who
And who or what waits for me beyond the door
Or the reason behind the reason of ignorance motley manifold

The sun went out for the day
The moon creeps up above the sleepy bay

Still I remain very uncertain about the love reciprocity of my love,
Featuring the featureless features of this falsified face

The lover-girl runs to the barn to feed her lover-boy-horse’s with her
hay and fern

The farm-house in the distance quiver in the reminiscing ray of the
dying sun as the shy farmer-daughter shuts herself in to prepare for
her ritual of harvest-come dance by the barn

O sun
Burn burn burn
Do not race
Do not run
Just burn burn burn until you’ve washed our sin burning in thy
hallowed balm

Love reciprocity’s luckless reckless love lurch toward the tunnel of
tormenting task
Upturning the fields of Earth
Spinning out, out of the orbit of sun

Love love love
What is love
Who is love
Such a mystery
Such a fuss

Lover’s tears
Play’s parts

Color of roses
Sparkle of pearls

Beliefs to the believers
Non-faith to the unbelievers
Deep-rooted prejudice
A parody pick on culture


Arab spring
Assad laughs as he kills

The Talibans shoot the innocent child activist

Seeds of sectarian violence shake the hearts of the peaceful peace

Love reciprocity
Love reciprocity
The seasonal sadness shimmer in sleep

My mindless mind the mystery miss
Sandalwood to the funeral pyre make sparks with the deceased meat

The rushing of the river
Rising of the star
Longingness of a lily
Cooing of a dove

Calling of a call
Falling of the fall

Cascading cascades cascading down the mountain-pall

The dead bird lay dead as solid as a stone
One eye open
The other eye got shut in the snow

Death delay not
Nor care or call

Unannounced he comes
Unannounced he departs

The dawn breaks open the empty alms behind the sockets of his eyes and

O who will go
And who will come
Before I look
After I look
Yet I cannot control my urge
I like to have sex in dark

I do not talk
I do not dart

I’m addicted to love and lust
I care not for your care or cut

I pray not
Nor I part

I hate religion
I hate class

I piss with one of my feet dangling upon the urinal
I spit on the faces of kings and queens
I paint prince and princess with dirt

Half of my teeth are tainted and diseased
Left half of my jaw is shut
Right leg limp
Groin area hurt
Skull is balding
Tongue is twisted and turned

I sleep on a stool
I sit on a spoon
I wear my jeans inside out
Most of the times I stay nude
And marvel at my ugliness in front of the broken mirror spider-webbed-

Money abhor me
I’m so poor
Nobody buys my books
I just write to vent the soliloquy of my schizophrenic soul
I go hungry day and night not knowing the state of my insomniac mind

I do not mind
I’ve no mind
I just pretend I’m I
Still I fake and feign to lure her in my car
They chase me down the farm and put a bullet in my skull
I wake up in a sudden rush
I’m not what I want
It was just a bad dream in a bad memento of the spur

The stars are still shining outside
I’m still going through the pang of hunger

Suddenly I could hear a far away curse
As if a pimp beating his cur not having done what he meant her to be

I trying turning in
But my eyes are all flooded and flushed

I must wait now for the sinning sun to come
So I can burn some wood, and make myself a decent dinner with leaves
and grass

An inquisitive mouse stare at me with its paws bent toward its skull
as I was ready to strike it down and put it to boil in a steaming flask!

O my love reciprocity recall recall the romanticism that the poets and
playwright lost plot

Tiara on her forehead
Henna on her hands
Anklets on her ankles
Scarf of satin saffron wrapped around her neck

Long long black hair coming down her youthful emerald-cut curvaceous

Lips where lotus and lily play

Breasts that weaken the hearts of Heaven and Hell

She has worn a pink purple frock that melts the ray of moon as they
try in vain to steal a surreptitious lustful look

Child of fairy
Aphrodite’s flame
Beauty’s bait
Cynthia’s shade
Romance of the romantics
Inspiration of the saint, seer, sage
Poetic pace
Peaceful phase

The muse of Shelly, Byron, Keats
Late-night Ujjol’s passionate pen

Wavelet of waves
Leaflet of lily-lake
Ripple of the ripple
Islet surrounded by watery ale
A cave within a cave
A pendulum swinging in the empty space

Fragrant roses and jasmine settle lightly around her herbarium of

The petals of poppy that protect the resin of life and death

Metamorphic morphine
Heroin on horses flying above the prostitutes-peddling neon-streets

Vision of vision
Sleep of sleep

Silence of solitude

Sandy shore sequestered on the sunlit slumberous ship

What is seen is not seen

Sound sound not the sonorous sleep

Frozen fear of the frozen sleet

Sinning teeth sink deep

Slithering serpents
Hissing hymns

Pleasure of the pagoda below the wet wild lips of the prayer-preying-

The sirens are singing as the stormy seas sink
Sinking the sheep within the ship

Mellow milky lunar lips
Solar hip heat up the heaven-bent-hip

Heap of hay
Yellow golden and pale refract the ray of the starry trail

The Gypsy girl chants gibberish as she touches the surface of the
crystal of fate fortune feverish
Resting her thin ten fingers on the cold clear surface of the fortune-

The church bells ring in a voice shriek and shrill
The incense keep burning inside the temple of stony grief
The minaret firm and thin pierces the breasts of zenith

The constellations beyond the faculty of all notions and cautions
stretch to stretch the empty nests of the empty space

Aurora borealis
Aurora australis


The tips of the tulips treat her with the mist of early spring

Hillocks that hills keep
Tributaries of the mountainous streams
The remnants of the thin gossamer are flying away in the whimsical
whim of the wilting wind

The sky of monsoon becomes dark and sick
Causing the clouds to scream and the incessant pouring of the rain
within the umbrella of the too soaked soiled seam
As if the sieve of the sky has opened up to get rid of the extra liquid

Love reciprocity
Love thy liquefying lips

Love the ways thou make love with thy hip gyrating on top of my flying

Horny Unicorn with one-horn dive deep inside thy feet to heat up the
harem of thy blessed hymn
Drinking and dancing round around the ringlet of thy love-enshrined-ring

Love reciprocity
Love reciprocity
The city by the sea sigh to see the lovers lost and lonesome wallowing
in the muddy mix

Hamlet kisses Juliet in dream
Helen licks Paris’ lips
Gone and dead Agamemnon and rest
Still the Sphinx stand still
Having had witnessed the centuries of the fall and rise of the
farmers, plebeians, kings, and queens

O my beauteous queen
O my velvety V-shaped-bliss
Come to calm my violent love-strings
Come to mend my broken wings

I cannot concentrate
I cannot sleep

I must have you before the sun sink and the moon milk

O dear God how she anoints me, how she canonizes me dipping me in in
her holy hallowed love-stream

I die
Yet she doesn’t let me
Putting her lips around my ring she keeps me resurrecting again and
Like a soul slave that is incarcerated in the flesh-fed-penitentiary
I’m forever enslaved in her love-lips

Love reciprocity
Love reciprocity

Set me free
Set me free

I’ve to take my ferry
I’ve to sign my will
Take the last train to the home of the deceased
Ceased to exist
Exist to exit

Quantum leap
Atomic kick
Query of the enquiry

Equation of all equations
Machines make machines
Discovery of the undiscovered
Genetic trick treat

The atheists think not
The thinkers think thick

Bottomless of the bottom
Topless of the tip

Nude bars
Apple bars

Bar of soap
Bar of bar

US presidential election
Meet Obama
Meet Romney
The retard Trump will give five million to see his certificates and cv

Who will lose
Who will win

Who will I vote
Who will I veal

Student loan is skyrocketing
Education and health care should be free
So should be the livelihoods of all free societies

The senator makes love to his daughter-age minx
The governor resigns admitting he is GLBT
The priests get obscene on the flesh of the young sheep

Fake prophets
Murderers walk free
Such are the sad state of manmade society
Where green is worshipped
And class-color-system is encouraged vehemently

Dog-eat-dog days

Evenings reel in wine and ill

Sacrificial goat

Ghost of Hamlet’s father appear in mist
The ghost tell him of his unjustly kill
The dreadful incestuous deed that his uncle and mother keep

Hamlet decides to reenact the scene
His uncle flees
His mother weeps
He has his revenge and the ghost of his father peacefully sleep

In the house of Juliet, Juliet grieve
She misses him
She misses those blue-ribbon love-making

Young couple moan and scream

O my Romeo
Romeo, Romeo Juliet pleads

Do not make me wait so long
I feel empty
I feel not full
Please make me wholesome
Please make me whole

Let us make love till the sun die and the moon run out of her circular
path circuitry

Fire in our flesh flare up
Torching Heaven
Extinguishing Earth
You on me lay like a lily leaping in pain-painted-prem

I in you lay like a candle flickering in flame

We two come together bringing all faith fate
Below the satin sheet of our love content

Live love dew-drops glitter on you like jewels

I in you lie like a robin feeding his mate

You hold me like a leaf in rain
Wet and soaked
Then dry
Then tame
We two love-contented Romeo and Juliet

Love reciprocity
Love reciprocity
This side of the valley is so green
The other side I cannot see
Yet I know it is more green

The growing forests
The greying leaves
The colony of cocoons hidden in the mighty barks beat and breathe
The metamorphosis of life mutate in them silently

The wind of the autumn causes the trees to shed their leaves and to
prepare themselves for the approaching winter, summer, and spring

O Sandy is coming
The super-storm of the century
Will she
Or will she not make to the coast and wreak havoc upon the eastern
lying coasts
We shall see
If she will forgive us or punish bearing down upon the sin that humans
are always formulating

The boatman upon Ganges rows his simple boat in the silent sensation
of pain and pleasure in a strange pensive mood

He sings along a song of very mystique ancient tune as he slowly rows
his boat upon the wavy water of Ganges where once Radha bathed under
the full moon

The flute of faith and fortune, the rhythm of rain sprouting out of
the sky of monsoon
Krishna gets enchanted as he watches the beauteous Radha swimming in
the ripples of Kamasutra-move

Radha stops to kiss and smell the sweet liquid fragrance of lily lotus
water-hyacinth worn in the pink purple indigo water-wet-petticoats,
rising and ebbing in the passion of the lunar tidal romantic whirlpool

Krishna watches in rapt wonderment
He cannot takes his eyes of this bare bold beauteous mermaid

The ray of late-night moon fall to mesmerize her fully ripened lips,
perfectly pure prime perky breasts that shake Heaven’s Throne, her
feet of ivory, her hip curvaceous embracing the sacred secret maya of
the Galaxy, hair so long and silky make the stars sparkle as they
speak to her in perfect prem

O my love reciprocity
Come come come
Make haste
Make hurry
Make me the lover of thy infinite endless lovemaking
Like Radha
Like Cleopatra
Like Helen
Like the maiden entrapped in the castle where no love ever enter to
entertain or entreat
Neither sun
Nor moon ever come to multiply divide to conceive to connive deep in
the womb of building blocks of life

Come come come
Come to calm my love-hungry-hive by the bank of the deceased dusk, by
the side of the tireless Moses-floating-Nile

Termination of tale time

The death-defined tapestry of life

All my lilac are red and blue

All my roses are ripe

Ivy-eyed chaste iris chastise the night having not remembering the
knightly nightingales of rhyme

A bay big and blue bemoan in the dark as the skylarks fly away above
the brown tinted sinking sun

There by the side of the half-hidden-fern a little baby deer playing
in the park
Her little doe-eyes glitter in the dark

A scattered shoal of fireflies keep swarming above the same spot where
the spotted patches of heather and touch-me-knots have gathered to
propagate and die under the same silly sun

Reciprocity of love and life
Cry less
More smile

Share your happiness
Share your share of love, light

Feel fine

Let not thy sadness hide thy sweet smile

Love thy children
Love thy wives
Respect thy elders, parents, neighbors old wise

Write thy will before you die
Leave a portion of thy wealth to the homeless, hungry, and to the
neglected famished child

Do not harbor hate or pride
Lucifer laughs as you tempt to follow onto the paths of evil eyes

Be gentle
Be kind

Kiss your children
Love your wives

Show care and concern for the sick and mistreated lives

Love reciprocity
Love reciprocity
Tell me no lies
Treat me right
I shall treat you likewise
Tell you the secret of death and life

The broken door remain broken
The fence is deeply embedded in the beds of sand and lime
Broken vows and promises
Unkept secret behind eye

A pair of beige pigeons is cooing in delight
While a pair of kingfishers with one of their feet suspended in the
mid-air and the others are stabbed to the fish fry lay in wait for the
tide to not rise

The bewitching eyes of the exotic butterflies guide the winged spirits
of light to float and fly in the thin chill air of the lyrical light

Love reciprocity
Love reciprocity
Do not leave
Do not die
I wait for thee
Till you come boarding me on upon thy wings of magical might
To carry me away
To the land where life is just another lie and death always die to dye
a new lying life!

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