Life is Beautiful

Just like the deep blue ocean is my life,
I know that you can just see water all the time.
The reflected blue bed camouflages the inner beauty,
Hiding the colorful world full of equanimity.
Each wave brings in a new aspect of life.
Storms occur on the surface but underneath lies,
Enigmatic beauties, astounding secrets and esoteric concoction of discrete emotions.
The only way to fathom this life is to explore the deep floors of this beautiful ocean
By Wardatul Jannat Anamika

Life is Extremely beautiful,
Close your eyes and feel the exotic blue.
Feel the innocence, the love and friendship/
Sing the song with true feelings,
And just dance and dance, dance in the rain,
Relinquish all your sorrows and pains.
Wake up and watch the luminous sky,
Watch the golden rays scatter through your life.
Let the warmth of the morning rejuvenate your soul,
And efface your fears, make you feel bold,
Placate your ears; assuage your heart.
After all life is beautiful like the deep blue ocean,
You just have to treat it with yor authentic devotions.

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