All the leaves have fallen now
Fall is almost gone
The whisper of the approaching winter could be heard in every village
and town

Trees tall and short are standing like skeletal forms, bare bald
It gets chilly in the afternoon, and more chilly as the sun rolls down
below the descending dome

Sometimes the sky weeps in mournful moan as the moaning full moon play
hide-and-seek with the floating clouds frozen cold
Likely to bring freezing shower below the lands where sun and moon shone

O all the leaves have fallen
Fall is almost gone
The gate-keeper of heaven is wearing a woolen cotton shawl to keep
him warm cozy and informed

Between the parallel rail-line the train races evening and morn,
carrying the passengers sheepish and shocked to their rude ride to the
last home of the dawn
While dust tiptoes with dust spiraling above the rustic walks where
the herds of cattle head home supporting their weary-worn bodies upon
their rough rugged bleeding torn hooves

The boatman rows his boat upon the calm water of Ganges that flow like
faith in watery form

The boat-man sings a little song that the father of his forefathers
taught him while he was only four

The tune has no meaning
Nor any form
Yet the hearts sadden and the mind get caught in the myriad of
mystique maya limitless manifold that the starry sky brought forth

O the boat-man rows his modest boat
Romantically long as the tongue of his paddle touches the tongue of
the fluid fairy fancy fanciful

O leaves fall, leaves fall

Life dies, death also

In a cave strange unknown the mistress of darkness drops her gown to
rest a little upon the cave’s moist ground before she rushes along to
steal some dream from the sleeping sleepers of the slumberous sort

O leaf falls, leaf falls
Rain drops
Love forms

Lover to lover reaches to leapfrog the liquidated pleasure peacocking
in their pants and frocks

A pitcher full of prayer the princess bought from a gypsy store that
stood in a bazar where witches frequently infrequently thronged

She lit some candles threescore fourscore, and sit herself
lackadaisically in the middle of the incense-burning hall

Followed by a few spell and a few enchanting connotations the princess
of the deserted castle opened up her pitcher prayerful

Prayer, prayer, prayer floated all around the spirited hall mixed in
the smoke of the candle flaming in the thin eerie air of the hallowed
holy hall

Senses swirl
Though processes mock
Touch sensation
Sensation sob
O before long the princess divinely beautiful fell to the ground with
her lips still uttering some soundless sound
Then in a sudden exhilarating bout she jumps up upon her shaky
fragile foot, while the other foot just kept loosely hanging by the
other responding foot

Prayer, prayer, prayer
All around
Seas of prayer ebbed and rose
Some she subdued
Some she caught and count
While others just refused to be swayed by her magical cloak of cloud

Leaves fall
Leaves fall
O my flute of Fallopian fault
Default me, default me before the origination of all man and God!

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