Kaleidoscopic kiss

Kaleidoscopic kiss

O my kaleidoscopic kiss
My starry kiss
As if I’ve been born again and again drinking the divine drink off thy
heavenly lips

Kiss me, kiss me
Kiss me please

I’m a poet lonely wandering

Wondering at the wonders that the Universe have put out to see

Some appreciate at the subtlety of the beauty
While others just lust and leave
But I always worship the essence of beauty

Silver spur sparkle
Silky satin silk

O my kaleidoscopic kiss
Stay stay stay
Do not change
Do not shift

Let me stay forever glued to thy lovely lips
I must drink thy love-ink to write and rhyme the play poetry

You’re my fairy
You’re my muse poetic
I cannot compose a word without consummating myself with thy holy
hallowed kaleidoscopic lips kiss

O please do let me sip deep thy love-sweetened-honey-beads

Thou art mine immortal myth
I’m thy Homer, Ovid, Shakespeare, Shelly, Byron, Keats

Must I be blind and not see the mystery mystique and infinite that
resideth endlessly between the curvature of thy mellow milky love-
crimson curvaceous lips

O my kaleidoscopic kiss

Kiss me kiss me
Kiss me please

Canonize me
Anoint me with thy soft sweet swift Cleopatra-lips

I’m thy love prophet
Thou art mine love’s first convert, poetess please

O such bliss
Such delightful divine sense touch smell sights of wondrous feelings

As if I’m too drunk to drink the love-resin of thy fully-blossomed-
poppy mead


O I sink
O I slip
Sink to slip
Sleep to sink in thy depthless sea of kinetic kaleidoscopic kiss

A dash to the power
A dash to the pride
Lead a person to the tunnel of darkness not light

Like a lily languishing
Like a ivy sweetly wet wild

My little love bird sings the songs of sunset and sunrise

As my Phoenix firm fine put her on his wings to the fancy flight

O love live dew-drops settle on our thighs

Little bird
Little bird
Do you like the ride

I do have another surprise if you let me drive you by the back-door of
thy seventh sealed sky

The waves upon the oceans roll and rise as the tide of the full-maiden-
moon pull them toward the shoreline

The windy wind whistling in the sleepy forest-wing
Where the woebegone sycamore and willows sigh and weep remembering the
day when the Earth will end
And then we will all be the remnants of just another lost written
forgotten play that never had the chance to be acted on the stage of
willful will

O my kaleidoscopic kiss please do let us kiss and be kissed
Knowing that we do not have that much time to live or leap

So we must make use of our lips to make love as much as we love lust
before the sun goes for his final dip, and the wings of the butterfly
whirr in the wind as the silence settle ruefully upon the beauteous
breasts of the moonlit ponderous pensive lotus, lily and hyacinth

The twilight-lit-tilted sky wrapped up in the disguise of unknown
strange shades of painted lyrical rustic romantic light
Lighting up the whole tips and tops of the hamlet, village green fine
Lying beneath the hilly valley where the two crossroads of death and
life have met to divide toward two different paths stretching to
dissolve and disappear far out in the distant sight

O a group of flickering fireflies is twittering and tweeting inside a
ring of invisible bird-nest of delight

The spider keeps on weaving the web of life
The wicker of the candle dry out to die
Leaving behind the desire of love below the shed of her mahogany smile

O my somber solitude silent sight
The nightingale of the night alight to delight upon the distillery of
While the vicars look for vice and virtue in an empty cup of wine

My triple tiered hearts pump and whine
While the soul inmate lurk behind the bars of bone, flesh of
incestuous plight
Waiting patiently for the flesh to fall and the bone to die
So he can finally fly away free and fine
Kissing the lip of the twilight
Penetrating the petticoat of the thick juicy sweet syrupy slippery
sugary sky

O my kaleidoscopic sigh let thy lips kiss my kinetic kite flying
through the stars-studded space of endless indescribable surprise
As if the sights sealed open up behind the veil of visual light
While the shade of her lipstick leave her extra-marital rosary-read-
line around the ring of my pyramid-like-pride
Staying so calm and content now between the frame of my steel-made
steely thighs

O do not plunder or pilfer love
Nor make it a habit to lust other man’s wife
Make it to the door before the wicked witchy wind closes it behind
And you get left stranded beyond thy hearth of happiness and family life

In the hall of dew a group of nude houris dancing in time as the soft
ray of the pre-dawn sunlight softly penetrate the transparent
crystalline shell of the watery isle
Where the humans cry, the music sigh

The cause and effect of death and life repeat the ever repetitious
cycle of the cyclic darkness-drunken-dream-drenched-dye

O my kaleidoscopic kiss
I wait for thee to paint me in tear and smile
Tearing the breasts of lily
Touching the tip of the sky
Drinking love-liquid off thy love holy hive
Hiding in hymn
Hypnotic in high tide
Seeking the unseen
Sighing the sigh

Kiss me, kiss me
I mustn’t die
Before making myself indebted, enshrined to thy sacred shrine of
immortal life

Torn between love and lust
I cannot find the true path
Strains of societies take toll on poor mass
Shrouded in secrecy the step-daughter cannot confront the monster
Her mother is too much in love with her incestuous step-father

The feathers of glory impregnate Helen’s mother
Causing Troy to burn, and Odysseus to be wandering upon the watery

The homing birds head home in a methodic fashion before the shawl of
darkness descend upon the sun-orbiting spinning Earth

The earthen bowl of desire the maiden mellow milky put out on a table
of prayer
Luring as baits to capture the sights of the prophets unprophetic
lustful tear

O what in a fair
What is fear
What is fair

Seafaring sailors fearlessly shoulder the stormy seas’ fists and
skulls as the seagulls flying above hastily drop one by one unto the
watery cemetery of seasonal share

Scattered scurried patches of thin grey clouds are flying through the
quilts of ethereal hub
Soon the rain of monsoon shall bring the rain bountiful to be the
primary blissful guardian-angels to the sprouting seeds and withering
ageless convoluted roots

O my kaleidoscopic kiss
Kiss me
Kiss me
Kiss me please
Parade of pleasure the priestesses steal , concealing the rosary
between their lips
Silky satin silk
Silk through the silk-routes of their sex-hungry-suites

What is death
What is life

A truth
A lie



An iris in the eye eyes the diluted sight screening the sunlight
My whore-sister is crying under the neon-light
The human-traffickers are making them crossing the borders in high
risky time

The religions written on papyrus are floating on the ageless ancient
waves of Nile

The boatman upon Ganges row his simple boat toward the twilight-tilted-

A tune unheard
A tune mournful
A tune that touches the lonely longing hearts two three four fly
through the thin tender air of the Ganges’ coast

The cowherd heads home as the misty dusk approaches dusting the dirt
of the cattle-hooves
Worked and tired they drag home, unsettling the settled dust with
their weary-worn rough rugged hooves

The maidens with empty pitchers supported against their curvaceous
mellow arched waist-lined-hip-bones gather one by one by the shallow
edges of Ganges wise and blissful

One by one they fill up their copper-or-mud-pitchers full by drowning
them then pulling them up by the tide of the full-bloom-moon

Some even dare to swim offshore
Swimming toward the group of fresh fragrant lily, lotus, water
hyacinth pink blue
Like the mermaids in my mind-muse they play with the ripples of the
watery rose
Their half-floating perky breasts baptize the waves of Ganges
And their Aphrodite as feet, hips, and lips give rise to the peaks of
love’s overdue love-orgasm

O my kaleidoscopic kiss
I cannot live without you
Lonely I walk
Lonely I look at the lackluster look of the society that misjudge and
misinterpret look

The hearsay of the heretics
The incantations of the sages saints sadhus

The woolly feathery clouds fly away to shed tears of the dead troops

O the psychotic Talibans shoot to kill the sweet innocent daughter of
the Swat, Malala Yousafzai

Her only fault was to speak out against the brutality of the Taliban

Now my dear girl struggles for her life in a far away refuge

O dear God take me away
Leave her alone

She’s the sweetest corn-flower budding and blossoming in my gardens of
roses and orchards of apples, oranges, mangoes

O my dearest daughter be well
Come back to us
Death to the Talibans
I will hunt them down and drown them in the darkest depthless depth of
demonic doubt

O my daughter
My sweet dove of Swat
I never prayed for myself
But I pray for you my love
Be well
Come back
And make us thy followers again

The mountains, the hills, the rills, the streams, ravines, cascades,
flowers, fruits in the trees, the bees, the birds, the blue open
mystique majestic sky of the more beautiful Swat Valley await in
suspended time for you to come back and sing the song of justice,
equality, peace, love, life

Dearest Malala
We all miss you

Your kind-hearted honest brave parents pray with your brothers by
their side

Your schoolyard remains open for thy sacred foot-steps fine

The tear of loneliness and fear well up in the eyes of your classmates
young innocent bright

We all wait for you to give us hope, courage, light
And to lead us to the path of God-given kindness, forgiveness,
righteous right


We all love you
And pray for you all day, all night

Church bells ring
Temple steps team
Mosque-minarets in the unity of unison meet in the resonance of thy
loving well-being

O my sweetest dearest daughter of mine
I shall be waiting for you time after time by the bank of Ganges, by
the foothill of the sacred hill of the Swat beauteous subtle sublime

I will be waiting there
Till you come back and make me thine

O my kaleidoscopic kiss
I pray to believe
But my prayer cannot calm the restlessness of my hearts aggrieved

From shore to shore I walk looking for the ultimate equation of
unified relief

More lonely lost and ignorant I stand where I stood before

Silently and secretly the galaxy align itself along its axial axis
While the blankets of stars stream out life’s lights upon the planets
that favor life over light

Kaleidoscopic kiss come come come
Come kiss me please
Like the lips of rain kissing the lips of lily
Like the lips of waves kissing the lips of the moonlit-reverie

Sweetness to sweetness melt mixing sugar’s sugary beads

Her breath orgasmic
Her beat beating to recede
Yet my kiss kaleidoscopic do not leave her at peace

I’m torn between the consciousness of the unconscious dream and sleep

I like to stay awake all night and compose the poems of my sadness and

Sometimes I think about the world
Sometimes I think of my own hopeless being

I’m confused
I’m lost
I need Your Presence to prove myself that I’m not what I’m meant to be
after all

A mass of mud and clay
A framework of bones and flesh
Sinning and sighing along the sinful paths of love lust lures

O do dissolve my dye
Disintegrate my pride

Let the thing inside go where it might be what it might

I shall not cry or smile
Nor write read or rhyme
Be what you be
Be what you may might

Think before the thought comes a thoughtful tile

Think before the cricket cry

Do not bite your words
Do not verb your adverbs
Or adverb your verbs
Be cautious in your noun and pronoun
Be careful in structuring the line

Be unique
Be spontaneous

Do not fret or fuss with syntax or grammar

Write very natural

Do not worry about the vain worry of the critics and vultures

Stand by your birth, your words, your part

Your poems define you in the long run
Your sweet sweat of labor
None there to dare to say otherwise
Nor give them chance to deride

Put your passion in ink
And paint a picture with thy poetic link

O my kaleidoscopic kiss
Key to paradise remaineth between your lips
Between your feet Venus sleep
Love Vesuvius erupts as thy beauty beats and breathes being caught in
the tsunami in the whirlpool of belief

The mighty Sphinx standeth still so tall and still upon the desert
sand of deserted dream
Having had witnessed the fall and rise of many a kings, queens, poets,
prophets of known unknown origin

O whose dreams are these that I dream
And whose rules and laws are these that they made to punish the poor
and enrich the rich
These traps
These tease
Why should I knowingly abide by or fulfill

Alas! I’m only temporary
A mere morsel of flesh-bone-fluid
A mortal to copy paste, mock mimic

Also more tragically I’ve cultures to keep
I’ve commitments to keep
Otherwise o my beauteous quixotic queen I would spend my whole earthly
eternity worshipping the wonders wonderful and wondrous fruiting
flowering flowing floating flying fancifully freely betwixt thy holy
feet of the holiest feats
Forgetting the furor of fear
Misery of war, evil
I would weed and water thy garden of Eden with  the horn of my
Unicorn, and with the wings of my ever-love-romantic resurrecting

O I do not know how long will I live
And who will ever read to judge or think these lines that I write
sacrificing my sleep and dream

Night after night I stay up staring at the starry eave

I see the moon rise
And I see and feel the feelings that I do not seem to comprehend or
believe as the slumberous sky changes her color from grey to pink

The thread of my candles burn out giving out the last remnant of the
flickering flick

O who will come to calm my hurting hearts
And who will come to calm the restlessness of my flesh-strings

I see not to see
I admit not to admit

I walk with one of my feet tilted to the left side of the street

I spit as I talk
I talk as I spit

My jeans are all torn and tattered
My socks stink

My teeth are all tainted and unfit
The soles of my boots fell off in a sudden fit

I’m bifocal
I’m getting bald and beige

I do not last long
My sexuality decreased in the same inversely ratio as the rate of my
unfaithfulness increased

My vision to vision vanished
The leaf of my belief flew away in the woebegone winding windy wind
As the whirr of a butterfly
As the tidal surge of a sea

Capitalistic monetized society
Class-classed-sickness sick
The old dog walks behind the old lady
It’s hard to say who’s more strong or weak
The cats with nine lives are nibbling at the needs
Before the sunrise theses flowers will wilt and die
So will the will of my will

O my kaleidoscopic kiss
Do come kiss me
As I kiss thee
Tomorrow may never come
So we must haste to kiss
Let this night beknight us
Let this kiss be our last kiss
After all
It’s only you and me
And the receding sky that never recede
Retreating the flesh to flesh treat

This is us meat
You and I eat
Yet we do not eat

Eatery inches away to the islet of the inundated sleep

Wake up, wake up, wake up
It’s Halloween
Then comes X-mass
Then comes New Year’s Eve
Gone is 2012
This is 202013
Are you still there
Are you ill

Take this pill of pain and pleasure
It was all a dream

Love kaleidoscopic kiss still the lips lick lisp!
Hallowed by thy holy hip
Beads of love glitter on thy more holy lips!
I miss you
Do you miss me?!-

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