This year, I wish you a box full of this, and a jar full of that.
I wish you bring home a love-starved puppy, or even a cat.

I wish you quiet, introspective ‘me-time’, all year long.
I wish you a glass of wine, sipped to a Leonard Cohen song.

I wish you tranquillity, as the fluffy white clouds float by, buddy.
I wish you clarity, when things turn awry or even a bit muddy.

I wish you patience, not to abandon your ambition too soon.
I wish you a Hans Christian Andersen rainbow, in the middle of June.

I wish you the mind-space to finish that Jack Kerouac book.
I wish you a coal barbecue grill, for the times you want to cook.

I wish you connect, even the most unconnected dot.
I wish you the wisdom to walk away, if things begin to rot.

I wish your very first crush sends you a Facebook request.
I wish you humility, cause you always won’t be the best.

I wish your big, blazing eyes never lose their mysterious sheen.
I wish you’re childish enough to still see a mirror and preen.

But above all, I wish you forgive, let go, make room and get ready.
2020 has begun its gallop across the fields of time, hold on steady.

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