Hold still

Hold Still

Hold still
Be calm
Let me make love to you as the sun turn and the moon unfurl

Be still
Hold your tongue
Let our lips meet
Let our flesh fill us with fun

Summery summer has gone haywire
So is the wheel of the hub
Where the heart of Universe invite us to make love

Be calm
Let the gypsy run

The naked houri in the harem dance

Venus bathe nude in the moonlit mart
Where the water of love-lust outlast all o’ heaven’s hubbub hush-hush

O do hold thy tongue
Let me make love

Regret not if I die in thy amorous arms

Life is but a fleeting fuss
Death only deter death’s other mask

Must not I unmask love

Unearthing she her Eden she me crave curve with the blue beads beauty
gushing out of her warm wet love-lantern!

Hold still
Here I come
You too join me in our love tavern

My ship sunk
My seamen drowned, drunk

Thy seashoreless seas the seamen shunned

The lunar tide tie up the tail of my single sampan

Ovum comes

One two one

Processes of life just begun

Let’s make love

Milking moon
Sinking sun!

Hold still
Make us love
Make us one

Let not my love-dew-drops drip and drop
Let not thy pleasure-prayer-pot paint us, plot us prompt

Remained forever so unloved, so unsought
Outburst of emotion sink our boat
Sudden gust of waves render us lost
The polar star guide us toward our home

The womb wait by the side of the tomb

Time and tide try us both to test the tenacity of the triple-fold tool

The same that God use to make man and mold

Mystery in music
Silence do not sound
Keep your doors and windows open
So the souls may fly away out of your fun-fed-flesh-fonts

I love to rest my weary head upon your soft sweet comforting bosom
And play with your long, long black silky hair all through evening and

Kiss you
Comfort you
Guide you through fog

Walk by your side by the bank of Babylon

Share with you all my fear, faith, form

Tell you the secret of the extinct talk

Make you a drink with honey and cherry

Make you a bed with roses and marigold

Protect you from heat and cold

Make you not confuse with God, Satan, and religion

Hold still
Hold still
Hold me between your lips of Venus-vault
Baptize me
Canonize me with thy hallowed liberated love-liquid of sermon

Daily I adore you
Nightly I dot

I keep dreaming of you when you disappear in the rain-drops

Is it a dream
Is it a spell of a sort
I keep looking for you in every shadow, in every dew-drop

The silhouette of sadness sickens my soul

Lonely I become
Lonely I lost

The dream that I dreamt of got dissolved in the dry desert smog

I do not know who to approach, what to reproach
I’ve become what I never thought
Trickle of tears trickle down my decadent depressing lot

Hold still
Stood he still
Till she eats him bit by bit
Sucking him off his last prayer pleading to be released!

Please hold still
She keeps coming in trembling trips

Their love-strings are strung and hung upon the powdered-pond of lily-

While God print, reprint the scene of the Play that He forgot to screen

Hold still
Wet lips
She refuses to give in
Him she melts and mix–

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