God is my witness
He is my ride
I’m his vessel
He is my Ocean wide

He is my Savior
He is my Shrine
I’m his lost sheep
Lost in the wilderness of shame and surprise

God is my witness
I’m his tide
He makes waves ebb and rise
He makes dream, darkness, and sunlight

O God is my witness
He is my guide
If I’m lost on my way to Paradise
I’m sure He will guide me in the form  of divine light

God is All Mighty
God is kind
No matter how much we sin and sigh
He still love us, forgive us
And bless us with sunset and sunrise

God is everywhere
His presence cosmic, universal
He is always right
He is the path to righteousness
He is all there to see or sight

The visionary vision
The dreamer’s dream
An innocent child’s smile
A rose’s subtlety
A lily fresh and refined

God is my witness
He is my guide
The master of my mind
The sailor of my sight

The light-house showing the ship the way to the distant destination of

Being of being
Senses supreme sublime

Essence of beauty

Justice with open eyes

The harvest come season that bring happiness and hope to the poor
farmers and his hard-working daughters and wives

O yes
God is my witness
God is Divine

The particles of all particles

The secret of all secrets undefined

Maya of Mystery
The sacred sacrosanct site

The windy winnowing wind touching lovingly the leaves and buds and
blossoms of the roses, cherry, and pine

The purest of all purity

The gem flawless without any fear or fright

The watery beguiling eyes of the maiden

The fanciful flight of a fleeting flickering firefly

The fluttering wingspan of a butterfly

The lovers loving

The motherly care concern cry

The pearl in the shell

The pair of peaches ripened to the core innermost intense

The rivulets of pleasure expressing in the eyes of orgasmic remains

God is my witness

He is my succor to my restive brain

The rainbow bent in the wet sky

The canvas where Van Gogh paint

The breasts of papyrus where the civilizations wise and ancient left
the imprints of sadness, happiness, life, and death
Leaving behind enigma beneath the veil of invisible flame

God is my witness
I’m his game
A piece of gambit set aside to appease His restless facades of faith

He is my joy
He is my happiness
Surreal sadness where the shade of the afternoon shadows shed to
soothe my weary-worn flesh

God is my witness
God is my rain
Pouting on the tin-roof of my log-cabin

The mighty Ganges flowing freely with the wise waves of the ancient
myth, marvel

The banyan trees tall and big
Stand tall firm still
Upon the ground of the earth ageless and brown
Above the crown of the sky the space look down

Time passes thus
Tide comes around
Endless strings of stars light up the whole woods of woebegone
wondrous wonderments of love, lust and doubt

The fountain of pleasure the funicle of fun unfold, folding the petals
of pink purple spout with the spear of the melting mutating mounts

God is my witness
I’ve no doubt
I’ve no fear

He keeps me warm in winter
He keeps me cool in summer

For Him the sun rises
For Him the day and night intermix, intermingle

For Him the prophets came

For Him the church, mosque, temple stay, stand

God is God
He’s all-in-all



Still strange stillness beneath the bed of the more stranger still semi-
liquid marbles and rocks

The little tiny bayleaf the breeze of the spring bring toward the
brink of the halogen-lit-street


Be what you be

God is anything
God is everything

Without Him you’re nothing
Just like an empty vessel floating around the stream of sinking sleep

You need God to believe
You need God to not to believe

Come Sunday or Friday morning you go a-praying
And then before the sun comes down and the moon starts ascending
slowly up the showy city and town
You start committing sin and crime
Yet Dear God never despise you, hate you, or frown

He forgives you all one by one for the sin that you caused Him, cause
Him through every inch and breath of your mortal earthly ephemeral
flesh of pound

God is my witness
He is my Shroud
The force unfathomable stretching from cloud to cloud
All Seeing Invisible Presence
Partaking in our day to day count

Dear Lord
Please do not make me anymore
Un-make not to make me more
No more of Thy deceitful tool
‘ Tis far better to reign in Hell
Than to be in a state of ever paradisiacal slaving fool!

O do cut my hearts open
Cut out my lungs full
I cannot pull my blood anymore
Nor can I breathe anymore
And I do deny to embrace the death
As it’s not the end
He will make me again and again
Till all o’ Heaven and Hell come down in the bits of godly stones!

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