God of Muslim
God of Jews
God of Christians
God of Hindus
God of the ungodly grieving saints sages and gurus
God of Mahomet
God of Jesus
God of Buddha
God of myself
God of Moses
God of the kings, queens, commoners, farmers, gays, lesbians
God of the peaceful, restless
You’re all the same
Yet why we are so different
Why we fear to drink from the same cup of Thy face and faith
What maya, mystery, enigma Thou thus keep, kept
The silver sun is sinking beneath the surface of the still lake
Where the groups of congregating lotus and lily smile surreptitiously
secretly to sing the psalms of Thy sacred making
O thou art my enigmatic requiem
To thy holy feet I rest to be safe and to be free
The butter-cups bright and gaily are smiling gleefully by the leaping
spring of the spring serene
While the pair of pink-beak pigeons are peacefully playing underneath
the slanting boughs of sycamore, mango, and mahogany
The shrill of the silence tear the breasts of the sky svelte
While the clouds in the lower atmosphere are likely to cause raining
any minute
Drowning my planted seeds
Inundating the low-lying plains, fields
Bringing the evil of the Nature unto the simple modest thatched-roofs
of the farmers, villagers of meager living
God of the Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists
You’re same
Yet we name, re-name, divide you into infinite entities
From the shore of the segregated souls I could hear a voice very
And the voice same sang with me the songs of divine dream
Making me promise not to ever go astray from the path of righteousness
and honesty
My soul is soulful
My mind is molding
The eyesight of my eyes cannot see the sights of the angelic spirits
Nightly I wake up to commit sin
Daily I trade in the trading of flesh and skin
Illegal liquor
Deadly drug
The tiles of my temples get ruined and trampled by the onslaught of
the uncivilized beastly foraging foreign beasts
O enigma
Who will make me happy
Will you
For I’m not what I’m seem to be
The boat-men upon the river Ganges paddle their oars with meticulous
The hamlet little shimmer in the aura of the moonlit invisible magic
O God of all gods
Please do set me free
Life lived me
Death died me
Yet I keep coming and coming in the form of various odd strange
O do not make me
I’m the one
Who you don’t need
Believe me
I’m the reincarnated soul of the Satan reigning in the Hades
Mystified water of Mississippi and Missouri
The rich fertile lands surrounding the valleys of the mighty rivers
oceans and seas
Where once the civilizations of the more mighty flourished and untimely
God of gods
Such enigma
Cryptic enigmatic
The essence of the invisible spirits crowd and crouch under the
tombstones of my lovers and nymphs
I lay like a more stranger still
Beneath the mud-built vault of my weed-wedded-cemetery

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