by Golam Rabbani

I am revealing my second skin
The eternal glee glows
With arithmetic rhyme without rhythm
My second skin, I touch, I feel, I rise, I scream
Still the skin glows.
I am revealing my second skin
With the Esraaz of A. R. Rahman with the violin of Tchaikovsky
I am peeling out the moments of horror
Scratching away the swallowed hieroglyphics
Erasing the scars of failure, pimples of crisis
My new skin glows.
The one sitting in front of me
Gazing out the window
Stuck in the limbo of life and death
He doesn’t need a skin, he is free but I do.
I am in the middle of insanities.
I am peeling everything out
As if searching for the diamond as a coalminer
I only find my gibberish words, scattered thoughts
Confusion, lifeless decoration, artificial smiles
My second skin does not exist.

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