Degeneration by Anika Saba

A monster inborn, invisible
And incurable. Lived inside
Her head. Spread through
Her veins. First were
The hands. Then came
The words. Slowly, the
Legs. She stumbled, staggered
And then was still. In bed, lay
All day and all night. Ate, pissed,
Pooped and slept. Again, ate,
Pissed, pooped and slept. All day
And all night. Her sweet smell
Mixed with the stench of filth
Soared above the four walls-
Her home. Her prison. Her grave.

Then came the ants and mosquitoes-
Couldn’t lift a finger to defend,
Couldn’t make a sound to call,
Couldn’t do anything- but- let
The hungry insects have their feast.

The image would bring tear even in
Lucifer’s eyes. Then where was He?
I asked. I begged to make it stop.
What’s her fault? Who’s
To blame? What’s
The point? I did prostrate
And went mad. Listen, please.

Finally, He heard- one day-
And put an end. She looked serene
Then ghostly. And was gone.
To a better place. I hoped.
That’s all I could do and still can.

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