Code Hero

Only an authentic hero
Chained to the chain of events
Can do it
This salvation
Cannot be pruned by any messiah; no!
Only an authentic code hero
With customary
Mundanely slavish
Attitudes and attainments
Can bring back the long lost phoenix
I’m in a Hamlet mood
Am I not?
Sometimes life is nihilistic
On other occasions capitalistic
Above all it’s cosmopolitan
Hamlet you better go back
To the hamlet– say ‘amen’
With a perspiring heart hope for
A quick judgment
Adding lofty adjectives
Won’t not change any equation
A deal is a deal
All my life I’ve had enough bad bargains
Arguments got deviated
Hungry salesmen
With seemingly virtuous products
Got the bargain
For me it’s always the next time
Much plans annulling in blank looks
Under the blanket
And a fine blank verse
I sneer looking at my snare
I dare to be slightly obnoxiously cynical
Its good to be schizophrenic
Upset things and set up again
I’d rather take sugar-coated poison
Because I’m worth it

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