Come to me in sunshine
Come to me in rain
Come to me in pleasure
Come to me in pain

Breaking news
12 died
58 injured in the shooting of Colorado movie theater
The Black Knight Rises as the innocents died

Come to me in rain
Come to me in sunshine
Come to me when you feel as lonely as the night
Come to me when people snub you and slight

Come to me floating on the wings of butterfly

Come to me swimming across the sky

Come to me being the dew of the predawn misty might

Come to me when you cry
Come to me when you smile

Come to me
Come to me
To forget your pain
To forget your pride

Come to me at sunset and sunrise

Come to me being the color of roses, the rhyming of my rhyme

Come to me
Come to me
Be mine

I shall take away your pain
I shall take away your sudden unexpected surprise

I shall endow you with all the riches of life

I shall tell you the secret of gods, goddesses of superficial shallow

Tell you the story behind the line
Let you have my lantern
Let you have my honey-hive

Come to me
I shall paint you a picture with my all-seeing cosmic eyes

Come to me
I shall hold you in the chilly freezing night

I shall make you a porridge with the seeds of heavenly rye

Tell the telltale tale where the tellers left behind

The Gypsy-girl’s crystal bell
The Bedouin-woman’s unveiling veil

The vicarious pleasure of the prepubescent girl’s all giggling gleaming

Come to me
I shall do the rest

I’ve made a bed of roses and lily for you to sleep and sigh
I shall make you drink honey
And make you some tasty bread of my harvest-rye

Come to me tied to the tail of the liquid-light

Together we shall watch the sky all night as the shawl of Heaven will
be adorning her archive with the twinkle and sparkle of infinite stars
far beyond the faculty of all sensual sensuous sight

Come to me
Be my bride

I shall kiss you below the mist of moonlight

And shall tell you a story where the prince and princes go on
adventuring upon the waves of the mighty Ganges, Nile, Volga, and Rhine

I shall keep you warm
Embracing you inside my amorous isle

We shall watch the fireflies fly

And the butterflies beautiful fleeting away to their fanciful flight

The pine and mahogany stood tall, firm and fine
Above the sky of orange purple hide

The breeze of the evening breeze play playful with the loose ends of
thy long black hair silky satin shine

Your lips like lily invite me to paradise

Hip curvaceous encircle the cosmic eye

Your breasts ripe chaste make me immortalized

Making me drink the fluid of life

Thy marble vault of Hellenic pride
Where Venus bathe
And Aphrodite smile
Enthrall and enchant my Sphinx fine

The magic wand the virgin eye
Shy away a little as she stares at my swelling firm site

The serpent one-eyed with a slithering tailless file rushes in
suddenly to defrock her shrine

Love milky fluid gush out of our thighs entwined

Broken hymen
Blithesome bride
Nipples tense tender
Eyes orgasmic
She is the daughter of Venus
Riding my Phoenix tight
Honing Unicorn kind

Be mine
Be mine
I’m you
You’re mine
We as one fused flesh meet mate mix multiply

You bit my neck-line
I bit thy nether line

Love sweet juice glisten on your nipples and eyes

Feet in feet lay narrow and wide
Hip-in-hip heat up the filament flickering in flesh-fed fiery delight
Lips-in-lips are reaping the harvest of love and life

Siren shimmering upon the rocks of the drunken sunshine
As the opiated waves of the ocean sink deep below the stormy cemetery
of the drowning seamen who jumped out up on the serpentine tide

The tethering wind of the Wisconsin bring back the season of twisters,
tornadoes out of the warm decadent wombs of the sucking modernity’s

Come to me
Come to me
While they do not treat you right
While they pronounce you as witches, or as unfaithful fanciful flight

Come to me while you feel blue and light
Come to me when they pain you and slight
Tell you ugly
Tell you worthless
Tell you a whore
Weighing you in nickel and dime
Put you on the table to dance nude and naked all day all night
Enchain you
Sacrifice you
Rape you
Murder you
Trade you
Trick you
Trip you
Trap you
Imprison you for indecent inexplicable dreadful design
Make you a pawn in the game of war and wine

Come away
Come away

Knitting the time
Kicking the tribe

Bleeding thy smile
Shunning the shrine
Sequestering the site

Be mine
For you I’ve put away my life
We shall walk side by side
By the bank of the ancient Nile

The fragrance of jui and jasmine we shall breathe in joyously to
become immortalized

You shall be wearing a sari
All silky and sunshine

I shall be wearing you
Beneath the bough of mahogany-moon
And unfold to fold you with the sword of Saladin, Moses and the
prophets, poets unknown

A little tilted at the edge
Very sharp on its end
Like a Phoenix it fly
Like a Unicorn piercing thy peaceful pie

O be mine
Come to calm me
Come to calm thy restless mind

Come to cup me in thy holy shrine

Your soft soften love open up to welcome my worry-worn-wilderness-wild

Love dew-drops drip and drop off the domain of lily-lipped-eyes

Wetness erupt
Vision become stuck between her thighs

Love-juice realize the romance of Buddha upon a pad of lotus ripe

Come to me
Come to me
Breaking all ties
Breaching all lies

Streaming down the stream of the celestial starry light

Harnessing thy cherry chaste

Harvesting thy hub of sunrise

Calming the calmness of thy clime

Creating a new life
Burying thy old wife

Willow weeps
Pine pine

Triplet wavelet streamlet rise
Toward the windy mine

Coal and diamond
Diamond and dime

Dolorous doldrums drum down drying the disillusionment of the
disintegrating dye

Dancing daffodil
Daisy dainty dial

Come, come, come
Please be mine
I’m thine

The tear of tulips the tarn fly try
Tearing the breasts of lily with the tongue of a butterfly

Come to me in rain
Come to me in sunshine
Come to me flying on the wings of newly torn wedded-wives

On board the ship of paradise
By the shore of sadness
By the bridge of happiness sublime
The sound sonorous
The silence concealed beyond sight

The sudden fall of rain

The abruptness of the deep dark darkness in the dungeon of demise

The peacock painting the pasture of sensuous sex as the love-couples
push and pull each other by the force of the carnal cage

Be mine
Be mine



Line line
Back line
Front line

Lineaments liquefy as the maidens under the moaning moon start the
sinning cynical sunlight

The bangles on her wrists break

Her nipples glisten in pinkish light

Her hip encircles mine

Lips-in-lips suck lick alight on the doorstep of pleasure-preached
priestess’ eyes

Ripples of orgasm gush out of thighs

Convulsive delight drip off our love-erupted-eyes

Come to me
Come to me
In the ray of sunshine
In the reign of rain
In the shadow of the smile
The dragonfly dies wincing in the beat of time

The group of tuber roses with fragrance like jasmine ripe hang in the
thin air of dream, desire, and delight

Come O be mine
The nestlings of the nightingale make heavy the night with the soulful
songs of the lovers of the Playwright

The night is so lonely
How am I to die
The night wind howl as the tornadoes turn in the evening sky

I need the presence of somebody by my side
As I die to approach the tunnel to the other side

The grass is always greener on the other side

The morning glory sing the psalms of the passing life

A picturesque pitcher is being painted with some poetic rhyme
And O I won’t have time to read those lines
Only the mortals die
The immortals grin behind the veil of paradise

Be mine
Be mine

Come to me in rain
Come to me in sunshine

Love palatial becomes perplexed on a platter of lies

The salmons swim upstream against the lunar tide

The group of roses remix a bit of Beethoven sunshine as Van Gogh cut his
own ear to brush his own dying life

Blake illustrates his own prophetic write
Milton writes about Paradise
Who could write better plays than Shakespeare the brightest of the

The Lake Poets
The Romanticists
The era of the romantic rise

A bale of hay is left out to dry
As the summer silver sun streaming the spiraling saturated sunshine

Come to me in rain
Come to me in sunshine

The Hebrides by the side of the twilight-lit-tilted-sky stoop down to
look around the flow of the molten sun upon the ripples of the rushing
racing breaking waves against the sandy feet of the mountainous might

The oblivious eyes of the virgin bride
The satin sheets get bloody as the snake uproot her virgin pride

The peacock the she-peacock fly

The feathery fiery flame of the Swan Leda keeps inside to give birth
to a deadly beauty below the bough of the Trojan tribe

Come to me
Come to me in rain and sunshine

Come to me flying on the wings of the butterfly

Inboard a rain-cloud

On board a dragonfly

The sweet serene surreptitious smile
The hard-earning dime of a homeless unnamed newly arrived

The root of the tree finally fall off and die
While the tree-tops laying topsy-turvy as the strong wind of the upper
atmosphere collide with the invisible tunnels of the lower atmosphere

Be mine
Not be be mine
The liquefaction of the liquid
The solidification of the solid
The disintegration of the elements disguised

The leap-year-service

The server cannot go offline

The molesters and pedophiles trick and treat the innocent naive eyes

Modernity with all its modern ill and vice propagate more of the
mimicking mice

The time shall not withstand the hardships of the simple kind lives
This time shall stop relapsing the laps and relapses of the Unseen Sight

Come to me in rain
Come to me in sunshine

I’ve soaked a pound of lentils to make you some tasty dish with
salmon, lemon and lime
Steaming some broccoli
Grilling some steak prime
Heineken and Budweiser
Whiskey, gin, and leaflets of lily rhyme

The cow-dung the cow-maidens in the sun turn to make fertilizer to be
used in seeds and fertile furrowed fields of paddy, corn, and rice

Come on
Be mine, be mine
We shall make love all night
Let the love-honey drip off our orgasmic hive
You bite me to bleed me around my neck, shoulder-blades and inner thighs
I bite you to bleed around the passionate zones of your thin
curvaceous soft sweet lily-lipped-Rhine

Be mine
Be mine
I’m the lost knight of thy paradise
You Paris
Your Agamemnon
Your Buddha, Mahomet, Jesus, Moses mighty might
I’ve come for you to have you by my side
Share your sadness and joy together beneath the shawl of starry light

Come to me
When you feel all lonely and crying
When people seem all strange and wild
While you cannot comprehend the meaning of life
While you feel down and dry

Come to me
Come to me
When it rain or sunshine
I’ve waited too long for you by the willow tree inclined
Beside the death-bed of my previous forgotten life

Yea come be mine
Sit by my side
We shall talk to each other the talking of the wombs, tombs, and
fleece, fly
The petals of roses are wrapped up in rapturous delight
Seeing the sin the serpent slide
The siren sing song to drown the seamen of the sinking alibis
Two dozen daffodils the lovers buy to sway the decision of the darling
doe-eyed butterflies

Come to me in rain
Come to me in sunshine

I’m the iris behind your eyes

I’m the anklets of your ankles bent with surprise

The kohl in your big black beautiful eyes

The silky sari tightly pressed to thy breasts, hips, thighs

The aura of thy areola

The petticoat of thy pride

Prayer pure and pristine

Lipstick red and crimson kissed heavily on thy lips of youthful


Forbidden fruit of paradise

Marilyn’s restlessness
Morrison’s five to one, one to five
Lalon’s geet
Tagore’s plays
Nazrul’s rime

Come on
Come on
Come on
Make me you
Make me mine

I’m meek
I’m kind

I’m unique
I’m wet wine

Rumi’s wine cup
Ovid’s enchanted eyes
Homer’s Odysseus’ whimsical sea-tide
Wordsworth’s beautiful poems
Poe’s deep dark raven-write

Think me
Sense me
Touch me
I’m thine
Who you look for
Who you cry
What you crave for as you lie to die, emptying the empty emptiness of
the Universe with a pair of thy enigmatic, maya-mingling Hindu-bride-

The sheindor( vermilion) on your forehead
The perfect made nipples sticking out of the fabric of your fleshy

I’m your very last ritualistic rite
The very last face that you will see to sigh
The vicissitudes of virtue and vice
Glory and guise

Your wetness, tightness tide after tide
The late-night shower of the monsoon night

Assad massacre the Syrians and laugh as he slaughters the helpless
women, children with Lucifer by his side

Olympic 2012
Venue, UK, London
205 countries
More than 10, 000 athletes will compete for 26 events
I hope an exemplary instance of sportsmanship rekindle the hearts of
us in rare welcoming friendship in UK
And let our prayer purify us all with all the great grand eventful
sporting events

Year 2012
Planet Earth
Solar System
World is awry
Warfare fanfare on every Continent

Some ear
Other starve
Royal family make love with royal blood
Color-coded societal civic ludicrousity
Fundamentalist beliefs

Escort service
World wide web
Google that
Google this
Yahoo meat men machines

Nuclear war-heads
Genetic freaks
Labeling of every discomfort with a new named disease

Autopsy on the dead penguins
Dolphins with metallic wings and fins
Pedophiles are working with babies and kids
The Judge appoints a new guardian for the Jackson’s kids

Amber alert
Diamond alert
Coal alert shine on the billboards of the big cities
Topless bars
Nude clubs
Girls are dancing to make money

House of common
House of Representatives yet bring another bill to send troops to the
foreign fields
The natives lie in ambush to kill the helmets steel
We are not welcome
Yet we keep fighting the unconquerable strange viral disease

Theatre shooting
School shooting
Blaming their sin on the over-erupted sin-sunken-society

Toilet-paper-torn-shit-ass-culture praying preying petrifying the pride


Nuclear-powered-power-plants wiping out rivers, plains, plants

Signature on the molecular strands stayeth still shunning the secret
of death and life

I stood
I stand
I stabbed
I step

The low-lying lands the swelling ocean beds swallow up by the greenhouse effect

Birth canal
Uterine remnant
Craig-listed girls giving bj to the old rusted money-men
The innocence lost her simplicity while the insects of incest
irrigated her shrine sacrosanct

Come to me
Come to me
Leaving all pain and pretense
Repent not the life that you left behind, behind the doors of the
forbidden repentance

I wear a wig
I wear a soiled undergarment

The upper jawbone is buckled sideways

I limp a little on my left leg

I talk with a stammer

I’ve hard time forming phrases and words

Paycheck to paycheck I live

I use change to buy coffee and cigarettes seven times seven a week

I’ve published 11 poetry books
Yet nobody cares to read them or comment
And they could be viewed or purchased by clicking to the damned
blasted link www. ujjolkamal. com at any time of the day or night for
your over-zealous jargon-jingling curious romance

Come to me in sunshine
Come to me in rain
The raisin in the butter of my bread mock me as I dip them in the
bottle of my empty wine
And the spiders at the corners of my nicotine-tainted-floors and
ceilings keep on weaving the traps of spidery drive

Big black bags of sleeplessness have crouched under my insomniac eyes

The lunatic in my mind spread a blanket of lies
And then invite the other lunatics to partake in the lunacy in the light

No matter how much I try
I cannot get rid of the lunatic out of my inundated shallow mind

Come to me
Come to me in rain, or shine

The cold thin rail-line where the empty cars of the train ride lay
more still and unstretched by the trading of the strange sight

Come to me in rain
Come to me in sunshine
I shall hide you and seek you under the fold of my God-defying pair of
semen-semantic isles!

Come to me tonight
God has visited me
I’ve to you baptize with the fluid of my love
Coming out in the squirting surprise!

Come tonight
You’ll be mine
I’ll be thine

Swimming in shrine
Hades will hide
Heaven shall in us warm milking thighs hide!
Be mine—

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