16th Birthday

16th Birthday
By Nazia Amin


She had spent the whole day in making the chocolate cake. It was looking nice and seemed very tasty. Mrs. Jones had decided to arrange a party for the purpose of her daughter’s 16th birthday. So, she made a birthday cake just before the day of birthday and kept that in a refrigerator. Her aim was to do each and everything perfectly.
It was night when she completed all her works. After sometimes, Mrs. Jones felt very tired and went to sleep.
In the next morning, she was busy with her and her daughter Sandra’s dress up and ornaments for the party. She had made a special dress for Sandra before two days. Mrs. Jones had worked very hard for the party as her wish was to make the day a memorable one. She thought very deeply that if anything more should be included or not.
After a few hours, the guests who were invited started to come. They were received cordially and entertained in various ways. Some interesting game shows were arranged specially for them. Musicians were also present to make the party enjoyable. Then, at a time, Mrs. Jones announced that the birthday cake would be cut within some minutes and requested everyone to gather in front of the table. She brought the nicely decorated chocolate cake which grabbed everyone’s attention. Sandra cut that with a special knife and got some claps and wishes. Then, cake and other delicious food items were served to the guests.
Suddenly, the environment changed its color. Many guests became sick after some hours of having meal. The children started vomiting and became very weak. But there was a person whose condition was normal after having food. Some investigations proved that the reason of problem was the chocolate cake. It was found that the person who was not sick did not have even a single piece of the cake. Mrs. Jones was very surprised and disappointed about the situation. Suddenly, she heard the ring of an alarm clock and also felt that someone is knocking the door. The sounds were becoming louder and louder. Then, she found herself in the bed room and it was early morning. She was happy to know that whatever had happened was only a dream and nothing else. Someone again knocked the door of her room. She opened it and saw that Sandra was waiting to see the dress which had been made for her to wear on her 16th birthday party. The guests would be arrived within some hours. Mrs. Jones had started to take final preparations. The nicely decorated chocolate cake was still in the refrigerator. It would be served after the arrival of the guests.

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