Khademul Islam is a former literary editor of The Daily Star. He was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and attended school there. Later, he studied international politics at Dhaka University (where he also taught for ten years in the Department of International Relations), and at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Boston. It was at the latter institution that he first came in contact with the genus later identified as American neocon, vulgar. He has been a long-time contributor to magazines, journals and newspapers in South Asia, and his short stories have been published in anthologies. He has edited The Daily Star Book of Bangladeshi Writing (2005). His interests include classic rock, Flaubert, Hindu mythology, class behavior, al-Ghazali, and encouraging Bangladeshi writing in English.



The Daily Star Book of Bangladeshi Writing(ed), A 15th Anniversary Special Publication, 2006

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