Born in Bangladesh— “the biggest ghetto of the world,” as some political economists put it—Azfar Hussain had grown up in landless peasant and working-class communities before he moved to the capital of Bangladesh to attend Dhaka University. There he received his B.A. (Honors) as well as his M.A. in English with distinction. He had worked as a magazine editor, as a member of a national-level left activist alliance, and as a university teacher of English before he came to the United States on a Fulbright fellowship to do his M.A. at Washington State University (WSU). He wrote his Master’s thesis on the Italian Marxist-Leninist theorist-activist Antonio Gramsci and earned his second M.A. in English, again with distinction, while he received his Ph.D. in English in 2003. His interdisciplinary dissertation titled “The Point is to (Ex)Change It: Toward a Political Economy of Land, Labor, Language, and the Body” earned him the WSU English Department’s Postdoctoral Blackburn Fellowship for the best dissertation of the year.

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Fulbright Fellow

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