O sunflower
O thou receptacle of summer sun
Yellow, golden, pinkish purple paints paint thy holy hallowed hut
Like the golden scepter of star
Like the silver dust of dusk o how thou rapture me with thy immortal
magical mirth
O my sunflower
O my golden receptacle of sun
Holy Grail of faith and fun
The sweet smell of the burnt temple-incense seeping through the air of
my sacred shrine where gods and goddesses preside over the well-being
of us mortals
O my sunflower of sun
How divine
How delightful
How like the true soul of the lover’s love thou thus keep us lingering
on the lane of love
Sharing our sadness
Joyous in our joyance and luck
Thou stood by us in our times of needs, misery, tribulations trying
and tough
Like the mighty Sphinx still and firm having affixed her trunk unto
the desert sun thou have conquered all o’ time’s twist and turn
Civilizations upon civilizations bloomed and burnt
Many a prophets had went and come
Yet thou remained forever so still and calm
Looking above at the face of sun
Drinking the rain of early monsoon month
Bowing to the storm of the stormy musth
Moss-grown beneath the churchyard-yard
A blue bell dwarfing the giant star
A easy breeze nonchalant blowing below the bough of birch
O my sunflower of the holy hunt
O how my hearts happily hurt in the rejoice of thy pure pleasure and fun
Seeing you thus pure prime and primordial
Dancing beneath the sky of ethereal rub
O my sunflower
O my flowery fragrant bride of the everlasting love
Devoid of you I cannot go too far
Without you I cannot function normal
Furnace of Helen
Garden of Venus
Cleopatra worship you in the edifice of pharaoh sun
Your yellow hub of eternal lust render my love languishing within the
lips of poppy tulips and daffodil-drum
In a dream divine I see you making love as the twilight-tilted-sky
stoop down to kiss the skirt of the dry parched earth
O my sunflower love
I’ve come to pay my tribute to thy holy love-lantern
O do please accept my humble love
Breathing deep thy intoxicating fragrant fun I’ve become thy love
Forever swimming and swirling in thy sunflowery fun

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