Ordeal with the God

Ghost Ship, 2016, Alex Rommel

To the merciless realm of skies and gods:
“Take me back to my amor!”

The canticle of the nature is adored by my brother’s grief which fades away little by little.

I cried for my love, which is therefore nurtured by lord Aphrodite and hated by Eris.

I feigned to be chaperoned by my lord, Poseidon who seemed it unethical to look at me with his proud eyes.

I grieved and begged for wisdom to Athena which I should’ve melt the heart of the gods but’

I beg. I beg. I beg.

The deity has spurned me for lifetime which may give me the strength to brawl for justice and weep for my amor.

I weep for my brother.

I am feeble, vulnerable, impotent but no one is there to console me,
just my sorrows

Because every epoch of my life is nothing, but dismay.

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