This life o’ mine is a labyrinth of lie
No Satan enticed me ever
Nor did any God invite
Where am I to go then after I die
And who will help me to cross the river of Romanesque pride

O my labyrinthine life
Who’s there waiting for me beneath the envelope of the blue sky
And o whose voice do I hear now in the whispering murmuring of the
forests hills valleys ravines

What evil eyes lurk there
What vice and virtue vie

Why did my mother leave me
And why did my father die
Who will pay my due
Who will tell me the story of paradise

O my labyrinthine life
What is truth
What is time
What is tide

Why the sun shine, and the moon cry
Who we humans are
What’s our purpose in life

Why we go to war
Why we rape kill torture our own kind

Why the rekindling of the candle flame extinguish itself to die
Then the darkness comes along shutting my eyes

Yet, I do not dare to sleep all night

What if I die in my sleep unbeknownst to my incarcerated soul juvenile
serving the sentence of a different kind in this sin-filled fleshy
sty of mine

How should I view the view

How should I comfort the pain of the widow

And how should I tell the orphans that their parents were murdered in
the ethnic unrest

I keep my door unlocked
I keep my windows unsecured

What if death walks by and forget to take me by his side

Thereby I must be always ready and willing to accept the strangeness,
oddity of my labyrinthine life

I pray not
Nor I pry

I never knew the differences between faith or fright

Neither did I love or lust
Or made love to a maiden in tears and smile

To many a town and city I did come and visit

Too to many I did depart and arrive

Still I remained so uncontent ungrieved unkind

Nobody ever cared to solace the deep-rooted sorrow of my being being

O my labyrinthine life
Reveal to me the secret of thy site

Sighing sight sigh along

Starry sky fly as the clouds of monsoon race along the ethereal line
Bringing rain and thunder
Blessings to the fruiting flowering kind

This life o’ mine is a labyrinth of lie
Why I always feel so worried and so wild
And why do I even care hiding behind this cell of tissue and hide
While the seagulls are soaring high and high above the bluey, billowy
ripples of life

Expectations expected
Extinction unwind

The whisper of the whistling wind blow through the overgrown reeds and
papyruses of Cleopatra-copulatory Nile

The nude girls are turning tricks upon the money tables of life
Some nude bars are busy
While other are dry
It all depends how young and pretty the girls are, and how they’re
conducting lap-dance money-wise

A wise man once says, live as simply as you can

Do not hoard wealth
Do not hate
Do not plunder
Do not pillage

Do not treat women with envy and disrespect

Think before you strike the fairer sex

A woman is also your mother, sister, daughter, wife

Your mistress
Your lover
Your goddess divine

She’s the one who gave you birth
Cared for you
Nurtured you for nine long months

As God said aptly, Heaven rests under your mother’s feet

If you hurt her
Or make her cry

You will surely be the follower of Lucifer, and shall be staying
forever inside the furnace of Hell as an evil incorrigible outcast

Do to others as you would like others to do to you

Know your limit
Know your goal

Love and respect

Respect and play your role

Never hurt your mother
Never hurt your wife
Kiss your children
Forgive your foes twice

Pray to whoever you associate with or like

Let the petals of roses and lily play with the lips of rain and sunshine

Be honest
Be content
Feed the hungry
Home the homeless

Let your hearts be sad and swayed by the cries and sufferings of the
men, women, children

O this labyrinth of life engulf me, eat me from all sides
Like the sharp, cold jaws of death this labyrinth cut me, bleed me out
of shape

The twilight-lit sky fall so gently, fall so solemnly upon the sleepy
breasts of the hermit-like hamlets and shorelines

As if the touch of some mighty divine Presence have touched to clear
and cleanse the sin that is sprouting out, out of the seeds of the
brick-built-houses and leafy, fern-fused, moss-grown founts, falls,
faults, and forests

O my labyrinthine life

Is life a lie
Death a dye

The dice keeps rolling upon the skin of darkness and light

Heads or tails
Tails or tiles

Life’s only death’s dice
Death’s only life’s dice

She has worn a red frock
Her beauty melts in the marvel of the night

Ruby lipstick on lips

Hip as shaped and curvaceous as the hip of the blue bayou isle

Breasts are only meant to be stared at in wonder and to be worshipped

Henna on her hands and feet

Anklets on her ankles

Bangles on her wrists

As I make love to this houri
Her bangles break
And her anklets bleed
Her lovely love plateau besprinkled us with pleasurable love-peaks

Speak to me
Speak to me
In the silvern tongue of silent speech

Come to me floating on the dreamy wings of dreams
Leaving all your pain behind in a pail of ink

Sinking your sin in the sink of seas

I shall be with you as long as you want me to be
Holding you tight and tender
Protecting you from cold and wind

Keeping you save and warm
Kissing you till the moon disappear in the east wing
As the new-born sun starts climbing at the eastern side of the willow-

O this labyrinthine life o’ mine is a utter lie
Lying by the lenient side of the cascading bubbling stream
Where a pair of lily and lotus is getting carried away by the strong
tide of the lunar ring

Nets of void empty mystery ensconced me in a cone of dream

I want to escape
But I cannot escape from this inescapable cocoon of mist

My life gets mutated, changed and chagrined

Who will save me now I’m in a labyrinth

Opposite charges attract
Same charges repel

Repudiation of the religions by the papal monastery

Every month the moon wax and wane

Every month the maiden bleeds to make the beds of the breeding ready
for the propagation of humanity

The top of the sail is blown away
Leaving the unlucky ship wobbling on the stormy seas
The shipmates pray
Their souls get ready to sail away

The wooden structures creak
The billowy tongue of the oceans stick out death to swallow them all
dark and deep

One by one the sailor drowns as the sea-sirens siren death’s alarm,
blowing on the pipe of the watery snout

Beneath thousands feet of the watery ground the unfortunate seamen lay
all dead and drowned

As evil as darkness with no sound the followers of Death follow the
one-way path to the Invisible, Unseen, Mighty Crown

A raven somewhere far in the strange town with his voice of shrill,
piercing ominous sonorous sound pronounced pronounce the irrefutable
death of his own reincarnated demise by the side of the unknown dark
rusted tombstones-trembling playground

Labyrinth of a doubt
Shade of sun the summer try
Tripping on the tips of the broken tiles

Damsel pretty wholesome and proud is waiting for her lover by the bank
of the Nile
Lips like lily
Hips like hibiscus pink purple tight
Breasts as pure as the sacred shrine
Eyes sparkle as the stars in the sky

O my pensive beauteous bride
My Phoenix fly
My Unicorn sigh
Seeing you thus lovelorn as the rainy wet night

Please do wait a little more
Let our love-rhythm rhyme on the same line
So we can come together upturning the sky, sinking the Nile

I in you let loose of my life

You on me flood my valley, alley, ravine by squirting thy warm juicy
sugary slippery sticky love-liquid of life

O how we both moan and sigh
Singing love’s sweet lullaby
As if the sun has arisen again to hide in its own sunshine
And the full-moon has forgotten again to romanticize the lovemaking
between me and the marigold-made-bride

O this labyrinthine life o’ mine is an utter lie

No matter how I write, rewrite the act, the scene of the Play remained
the same all while

Three black horses neigh in the night

Three more white horses hide in the hay-covered-height

The little girl with sun-rise in her beguiling eyes wake up her mother
to take her to the dew-strewn drive
Where the baby-pigeons are cooing in recognition of the solar rime

This labyrinthine life
Musical metrical meter mummify the nocturnal night

While the waves rush to break their wish and will upon the rough
rugged sandy feet of the coastal fringe

And the powdered faces cosmetic girls are speeding and strutting upon
the ill-famed dimly lit neon streets

The night-hawks and the owls are preying cautiously, stabbing and
piercing their talons on the half-awake, half-asleep forest-feather-
and-feet inside the slumberous foggy filmy frock of the woods leafy

O this labyrinth of life makes me marvel of my own trifling piteous life

Blessed in
Jumped in
Bleed in
Three types of street gangs are predominant in the present society
Criminal, conflict, and retreatist


Lucky money
Lucky treat

Gun is the primary cause for drive-through shooting

Deviant delinquent doings
Conflict criminology
Classical criminology
Free will
Atavistic activity

Theory of all theories
None seem to express anything

Criminal Justice System cannot control the index offenses that are
spreading like disease
Murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault are crimes against persons
And crimes against property are burglary, larceny, auto theft, and arson

Criminal intent
Criminal mind

Psychosis of the psychotics
Id, ego, superego
Phases oral, anal, phallic

The haves and the haves-not
American Dreams
Anomaly of the anomies
Strain Theory
Social Disorganization Theory

O my labyrinthine life
The lady-bug is luring the naive bee

The indigo eggplant is ripened to the core

The lady’s fingers are projecting through the half-remaining-moss-

The church bells ring rang five seven six

The muezzin upon the dome-shaped minaret voicing ajan that spread in
the thin air of the autumnal breeze

The padre lights incense to lessen the wrath of the gods and goddesses
of stony thrill

The faithful follow the line to pray to clean their sin in the sink

Only the flesh faces the face of the unfaithful fix

While the soul inmate
Beat and bleed in silent sullen somber sleep
Waiting too impatiently for the faulty flesh to fall and decompose in
the earthen seal
So the soul inmate can fly away on its flight of fanciful fancy
Unraveling the wonders of the Universe in a sudden subtle frenzy

O my labyrinthine life
Confess to me thy sin unseen

Sweet and bitter
Bitter and sweet

The nude houris in the harems of kings abs queens are dancing in the
swings of the dervish-strings

They daze and dazzle the eyes of the opium-piping saints, sadhus, and
the loyal breeds

The mother of Hamlet makes his father’s bed incestuously bloody by the
eel of his uncle evil

Juliet lovelorn await Romeo’s lips
Young love
Youthful feelings
Make love
Come early
Passionate passions paralyze their thighs and limbs

Juliet,Juliet,Juliet Roneo above Juliet milk

Juliet under Romeo is being painted in paradaidical ink

Together they come to calm the hunger of their flesh-fed-dream

O my labyrinthine love

Whereof thou went off thus extinguished

My candle is still burning

Please do not go as yet
Wait for my flame to inflame thy fiery furnace of joy and grief

Labyrinth of life and lie lay afreshed and newly nipped
Like the couple newly wedded courting their flesh-fed-faith-fated-a-

O please do release me
Off these desires, constraints of fake bliss, belief
I shall go now a-kowtowing you inside the dream-land of us love poetic!

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