Innocence of Sandy Hook Elementary school

Innocence Of Sandy Hook Elementary School
Twenty sweet innocent flowers have been plucked away off my garden of
rose today
I look left and right to see all my flowers trampled and lifeless
below a cold December day
A melancholy somber sky stretched out above the grieving leaves of the
old wise willow, mahogany, oak and pine
A group of sycamore weep and sigh witnessing helplessly the falling of
the brave and fine
O innocence of my life
Who cut short of these innocent children’s pure divine angelic lives
What the devil reincarnated appeared today in the form of devilish
guns, guise
I’m speechless
I stood where I stood for what seemed infinite endless time
Eyes tearful
Mind lost in the sad scattered sunshine
I rush to the school ground to see the bullets sprayed through the
hallway, ceilings and walls
Sandy Hook
Sandy Hook Elementary School
Connecticut; 14th December, 2012
The same school that I went to while I was growing up
The same fine school where I enrolled my Sarah last year with such
hope, happiness, smile
O dear God
I lost my mind
My feet shook and I fainted below the anguishing swirling sky
O where are my children
O where are my soul’s only sunshine
I brought Sara to school this morning, and I kissed her goodbye
My daughter Sara was only five
I promised her to decorate the tall Christmas tree with lots of lights
and put her gifts and toys around the bottom of the Christmas tree
that we bought together the week before the first splash of snow white
Innocence, innocence, innocence
Blue bell
Blue butterfly
Shoals of seagulls are soaring high and higher above the bemoaning
watery isle
They stop me half-way before the road leading to the school of the
younger and youngest child
The Devils in the guns struck again
The victims are our own children this time
Please amend the 2nd Amendment
Save life
Everybody shouldn’t have the right to bear arms and shoot whoever
whatever in their frenzied state of minds
There’s a lot of crazies, psychopaths, loonies outside roaming, mixing
with us every day, every night
Do not put guns and weapons on their schizophrenic minds
Laws should be just and timely; not unjust, obsolete
Bring new Bill to the House and Senate and protect our children and
There’s no justification to justify that takes the life of a young
fresh innocent child
The roses beautiful in the buds still that never ever had the chance
to blossom under the summer and spring sunlight
O how will we ever able to repair this irreparable damage that caught
us blindfolded, blindsided from all sides
Out of sense
Out of sight
O dear Mighty God of All
Why You did not stop this carnage
Why didn’t You save my Mary, Sara, John, Jane, the other precious lives
Innocence of my innocence are lost forever
I cannot cry
My tears left me for life
As if a stone stuck in time I lost all senses of time and tide
Mary’s mother is in the hospital
She keeps coming in and out of light
She fell from the stairs while she heard the news on channel five
The doctors put her in ICU
She keeps calling Mary from time to time
O innocence of my innocence how will we live in a society that cannot
protect our poor helpless little boys, girls who are too young and too
naive to understand the ill, the cruelty that lurk behind
O twenty pure roses lay trampled and lifeless on the school-floor
My hearts broken
My soul escaped from my soul
Life will never be the same again without my Sara by my sight
And I will never able to smile again as long as I live
Having lost my lamb
Lonely I walk now aimlessly
Upon the dull dreary deserted streets of manmade senseless civic duty
Mary, Mary, Mary
Sara, John, Judy
I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you to comfort you
Who would ever knew a child’s school-ground would turn into a deranged
psychotic’s target-shooting-death-playground
O my roses
My bleeding hurts
I do not accept that I’ve lost Sara, Mary
I will be keep looking for them as I keep wandering upon these blood-
Mary, Mary, Mary
Her mother keeps calling her from her induced sleep
I keep staring at the empty room that Sara left me
I pray to God that nobody ever become the victim of a shooting
And loses his or her child
As I’ve lost my Sara, and Mary
Twenty sweet innocent flowers have been plucked away off my garden of
rose today
I look left and right to see all my flowers trampled and lifeless
below a cold December day

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