Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon
O harvest moon
Look close by
Harvest of death what does signify
Other than the cruelty, hegemony of mankind
Many a known and unknown died upon the battle-ravished Gettysburg’s
plains, fields, ridges narrow wide
The Union defends, the Confederates charge the files, flanks left right
The injured and the wounded weep and cry
While the generals with ranks and insignia just stood by
Witnessing the death of so many naive, innocent lives
O my harvest moon
The rain of July 1863 falls in painful flight
The victims of the Civil War look up at the empty sky
Reminiscing the past glory
Daydreaming at the future light
As the day darkens the rain-washed crystal clear sky bursts with the
sparkling smile of countless infinite celestial lights
Harvest moon, harvest moon
What safety
What surprise
The lips of lily gently quench her thirst with the dewy drinks off the
lips of mist-mated-liquid-light
While the full moon is swinging by in between the thin air of the
filtered moonlight
Life’s a play
Written in sequences, shapes
Play it wrong
Play it right
The Omnipotent do not mind
Go look behind the veil of Paradise
A pair of pigeons is cooing with delight
The soft sweet wholesome whorl of roses open up, inviting the foraging
foes of love and life
O how beauty bleeds to fulfill the desire of time and tide
A few ripples surround the warm wet pleasure-pitchers of the lotus at
high-tide; pushing and pulling their petals of love lilac prime with
the gushing motion of emotion maturing in the rippling rotary lunar tide
O my beauty
O my love’s, life’s line
How am I to immortalize my love and life
My flesh is sinful
My soul is undefined
I do not know the destiny of my life
I keep my candles burning night after night
Trying in vain deciphering the codes of the secret sublime
Nightly sitting up staring in the womb of darkness refined
Contemplating on the mystery around my floating isle
Harvest moon, harvest moon
She cries
She moans
She moves in the unison of unified field of fun-filled-fleshy-fanciful-
Love atoms and molecules exchange their protons and neutrons as the
pair of love-making colliding galaxies collide to create more
galaxies, more surprise
Like the moment before storm
Like the imminent death waiting below the bough of the old oak and
broken mahogany
Like the bent rainbow bowing toward the earth’s curvaceous hip
Like a virgin green with her eyes like jeweled-strings taking shy
glances at the swelling of the prophet’s skin
Like the trembling priest undressing the youthful shrine to see the
divine unseen
O my harvest moon
How do I miss thee
And ripe to the innermost core of thy Romanesque thighs
I die to dig out thy holy hive the love-beads of pure paradise
Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes of life
Like the one-horned Unicorn waiting impatiently time after time to
ride you by the shawl of the stretched-out sunlight
O my harvest bride
My bride tulip-tight
My ribbon right
The whir of my wind
The murmur of my mind
The petals of roses and jasmine spreading the fragrance fine
I’m thy love Mississippi
You’re my love Rhine
Vault of Venus
Cleopatra’s smile
Mellow milky cow-maid with the touch of resurrecting light
Moses lost in desert
Judas kiss Jesus right side
Mahomet hidden in cave
Buddha cannot attain the inner-sight
Harvest moon, harvest moon
The dust of dusk dribble off the home-bound cattle-hooves as the teeth
and tips of twilight come gently to fall romantically upon the bosom
and breasts of the village hamlet greeny dream
Harvest moon
Let’s go a-harvesting the other moon
Where the fields of cherry and tulips sing in sweet tune
The tunic-torn-sky is likely to bring rain any time
The birds in the trees seek out safe refuge
The war in Syria is coming to an end
And I’m more than sure the beast Assad will be paying for his war-
crime, genocide, mischievous misdeed
Winter is spreading her wintry shawl with her freezing breath of air
Here we rest with so much comfort and care
I think of the poor, poverty-stricken children and the old in some
other parts of the World with no food to fuel their energy and with no
warm clothes, blankets to cover their cold famished feet, hands
Harvest moon, harvest moon
I’m here
I’m there
I’m nowhere
Life’s a dream
Dream do not dare to dream dream
The scream of the victims
The murderers walk free on the streets
The law is made to protect the rich
The poor get poorer dispelling the myth
The meteorite-shower shower the dust-ball of grief
The shooting stars penetrate through the space of elastic skin
Yet there’s another mass-murder, shooting in the Sandy Hook Elementary School in
Newtown in Connecticut, US, today Friday, December 14th, 2012
The deranged shooter killed twenty children and adults then shot
himself with the guns that he bought and carried inside the school to
carry out his demonic design
O sick society
Change your damned laws about guns
Easy accessibility to weapons and guns cause more deaths and
destruction that could be easily avoided by making strict rules about
the damned bloody guns
What’s justification is there for this heinous atrocity: the merciless
cold cruel killings of all these children pure innocent angelic
Radio, newspaper, tv
Law enforcement
Criminal Justice
Tests and reviews by the experts, psychiatrists, psychologists
Padres, politicians, priests
Will never bring back my children who went to school to get some
society-dictated learning
I kissed my daughter Mary good morning before I gave her ride to her
school this morning
O dear God how would I have ever known that this would be the last
time I would see my sweet Mary
I do not know how I will ever get over it
I still see her smiling toward me and waving her hands as I drove
passed her and waving my hands in reciprocity
My hearts broken
My mind is not working
Mary’s mother passed out several times after listening the news on tv
My Mary was only six
My hearts ache
My blood rushes up to the zenith
My next door neighbor, the Smiths, their son is Johnny also became
victim of the horrific shooting
John and Mary were in the same class and they were good friends as
they practically grew up on the same street
O dear Lord
I cannot go on like this
I’m feeling very ill
I cannot bear to see the pain, the loss, the anguish on my wife’s,
Mary’s mommy’s face
Sick society
More sickening is its psychotic citizenry
How could anyone in his or her right mind thought of harming, hurting
all these children I just cannot think
I’m so sorry honey that I couldn’t save you
And I do not know what to do with my life anymore without you by my
side my sweetest fairy
Besides, I do not know how your mother will ever be normal without
you, the love of our life my adorable Mary
The darkest cloud of all clouds hang over the sky of Newtown
The wind weep
The birds stopped chirping
The crickets are crying
The leaves of the mahogany, red oak and pine mournfully rustle in this
sad breeze of this late spring
A quarter-eaten gloomy moon moan in the anguish of loss that can never
be replaced or brought back
Harvest moon
Harvest moon
Mourn with me that my children art all gone
My Christmas tree remain undecorated forlorn
The things will never ever be same again without our children who were
mercilessly taken away from our warm caring loving embrace
O harvest moon
Look close by
Harvest of death what does signify
Other than the cruelty, hegemony of mankind
Many a known and unknown died upon the battle-ravished Gettysburg’s
plains, fields, ridges narrow wide

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