Bluewater and Orange Sky

Art: Jason Anderson


An extended night is so far away
And under the woods on a stormy night
With mouths of headache and lace of kicks around the head
He sees nothing but the dripping starry night all over
While the dog barks at the top of its lungs
Solace is some strokes without an aim
Which would be a dime then penny, then bill
Play till the bones die out of fever and
True identity says the home is calling
Tell me now, what if I was nothing
Yet, deep below the surface, there would be no fear
Nor any thread to Orion and moon from the earth


Speak out all the truth in no extend
The clock of stories is dead
Ears are tired of the waters
Throw the cats aimlessly
Against the pebbles
Remember to clutch the waters crash
Oh, the south breeze they are immortal
Cause they have your touch
And you have the nectar of nocturnal;
There’s a swim for the creeps
Into an empty bowl.

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