Laws against adulteration should be strongly maintained in Bangladesh

Adulteration of goods is a very important issue in Bangladesh. Its importance is increasing day by day as the adulteration of foods, drinks, drugs and cosmetics is increasing. Laws are available for the prevention of doing such acts but those are not strongly maintained in Bangladesh. The punishment which is mostly given is insufficient to prevent people from selling adulterated goods.

In Bangladesh, various reports on adulteration can be found in newspapers, magazines, internet and live news shown in the television. Nowadays, some television channels arrange regular programme based on adulteration of goods. Most of the time, the salesmen or the owners of the goods need to pay fine as punishment. It is a very common punishment in our country. It has been found in some reports that people use to repeat the same act after getting the punishment. So, it means that payment of fine as a punishment of adulteration is not absolute. The type of punishment should be more severe. According to Section 25C of the Special Powers Act, 1974, if anyone adulterates any kind of food or drink, knowingly sells or offers such goods, then he/she will be punishable with death or with imprisonment for life or with rigorous imprisonment for a term which may extend to fourteen years and also be liable to fine. This section reflects that law gives the permission to give more strict punishment than payment of fine. If those are strongly maintained in the society, people will have fear in their minds and get rid of such activities. It is very important to prevent adulteration because it is harmful for health of people. People suffer from dangerous diseases because of using adulterated goods. These goods can also damage various organs of body.

There are many cases which can be used as examples of adulteration. It is known to all that chemical known as ‘Formalin’ is largely used in fish and vegetables in Bangladesh. This chemical is liable for creating cancer in the human body. It can be seen that the rate of cancer in Bangladesh is increasing day by day. It is actually the result of eating such food. Another thing named ‘Shisha’ is used in turmeric which causes paralysis to the human body. Chemicals that are used to prepare fairness creams, cosmetics, shampoos can cause skin cancer. One important example is the adulteration of human blood that is used for donation. A recent report shows that some blood banks use color, water and saline with original blood to increase the portion. In this way, they can turn one bag of blood into three or more bags of blood. People will definitely die if they take blood from those blood banks. Fines have been taken from such blood banks but they are still doing the same act.

It is necessary to strongly maintain the laws that are available against adulteration in Bangladesh. If maintenance of law does not have effect, the provisions of law should be changed.


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