Eastwooding at the RNC‘s west wing
Why Clint is talking to a chair that has no meaning?!

What does it matter who is who, what is him, his?

Forget about all the damned political polarization for one minute

Look at your left and right
Look up and down
Look from all sides

Who you see?
What you see?

The very same human species
Who were sent to Earth to bear the burden of Adam and Eve

Make this place a better place to be
Why don’t you do your part
I will do mine
The rest will follow in due time

Let the Mother Nature take her reins
Let USA breathe safe

Let the shore of my Pacific and Atlantic roll with peace and happiness

Let my fifty States prosper in time and tale

Let the citizenry of my bountiful, resourceful, ever generous Country
live side by side

Loving each other
Farming my lands, mountains, and rise

Each State is beautiful and unique
Each State haseth her own rich myth, mist mingling with the threads of
traditional customs and beliefs

Land of opportunity
Land of free speech


Bill of Rights

Paying respect to the same Stars and Stripes of our Nationality

Death Valley
Mount Rushmore
New York


The salmons are swimming upstream
Cherry blossoms

No barriers are there to bar us from reaching to the peak of infinity

The Doors
Bob Dylan

Beauty and the Beast
Disneyland fear fair fare

Trail of Tears
Civil War
Gold Rush
Western Frontier

Dust Bowl
World War

Golden Bridge
Empire State Building

The windy City
The tent city
The surreal sweet sleepy forests that conceal the secrets for the

The Great Lakes
The Grand Canyon
Statue of Liberty
Crazy Horse Mountain

Infinite fleets of ships and planes are commuting from coast to coast,
from city to city

Boiling pot of all cultures and religions
Our children come from all over the planetary region

We are humble
We are faithful
We all sing the same song
Expressing the same allegiance to the same great Nation

Eastwooding in the east wing
Who’s going to win
Obama or Romney
And what damned differences will it make for you and me

I will still be laboring, struggling to put food on my table

While the richer will become richer
And the poorer will get kick in the teeth

Eastwooding at the RNC
Who Clint is talking( to)
The mass gets hysterical listening to this comic
Dirty Harry is darting along with a big gun hanging off his invisible
hip like hill
How you gonna control gun if everyone carry them around?

Please do stop tweeting
At least listen to what he’s saying

When will the east and west meet?
When will the north and south sing the same sweet song of friendship,
liberty, and equality?

My hearts hurt
My mind becomes numb witnessing the blowing of the evil wind all
around my rustic hut
The rain comes down with the ill elements of chemicals and acidic
clouds to erode the epitaphs, walls, cement, and the infrastructure of
churches, temples, mosques

The wild of the wilderness timidly crouch underneath the undergrowth
of oak, fir atop the mountainous rocks ravines and lofts

Let me reason with the unreasoned
Let me try trying to tip the balance of the subtle soft
Yet I cannot seem to conquer the nonsensical racing of the notch

Eastwooding at the RNC
Who is Clint talking
A thick grey cloud has gathered atip the tip of my congressional

Please be meek
Let us help each other in passing through this trip of the ominous

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